Other Special Projects

Coordination of the Missouri Broadband Now Regional Technology Planning Team (RTPT)

The State of Missouri is in the midst of a transformative effort to expand the reach of affordable, high speed internet access to 95% of Missourians within five years. This effort involves working to enhance broadband access, create public computing centers, develop sustainable broadband adoption efforts, document broadband availability through comprehensive statewide mapping and enhance strategic planning activities througout the State, to ensure that expanded broadband infrastructure and services will be available to meet the growing needs of citizens, businesses, non-profit organizations, and public institutions.

A critical part of this comprehensive effort is local and regional broadband planning. In line with this, the State has developed 19 Regional Technology Planning Teams (RTPT's)with the overall mission: to advance broadband demand and adoption and broadband service and infrastructure availability within their region. Drawn from a diverse cross-section of the community, such as education, business, health care, government, and local service providers, the team will assess the existing infrastructure and the needs of thier region. The team will use that information to develop a Broadband Strategic Plan outlining measurable goals, objectives, and benchmarks that will help keep the effort on track in ensuing years.

Green Hills RPC has been tasked with coordinating the RTPT in the Green Hills region. The staff contact person for this program is Matt Walker. He may be contacted by email (mdw@ghrpc.org) or by phone at (660) 359-5636 Ext. 22.

In addition this page is provided as a resource for the planning team members where news, notices, and links to pertinent information will be posted.