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Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) makes it possible to incorporate different kinds of geographic information including digital maps, aerial photographs, satellite images and global positioning. GIS allows operators to visualize, question, examine, display, and understand relationships, patterns and trends based on location. This is a useful tool in the completion of Environmental Assessments, as well as Hazard Mitigation Plans.

The Phase I Environmental process has evolved due to changes in regulations. The preparation of an Environmental Assessment requires that the agency dedicate trained staff and resources so that the assessments are completed according to specific standards. The format and process that has to be followed is very precise. Funding may be hindered if not submitted properly.

Smaller communities in the Green Hills region lack the resources or demand to justify the staff and equipment necessary to continually produce high-quality mapping products. GHRPC provides GIS services for these communities, supplying them with the mapping resources needed.