GHRPC Management Philosophy

  • We are PROUD of our role in providing EFFECTIVE and RESPONSIBLE government to the citizens of the State of Missouri.
    As employees of local councils of government responsible for a broad variety of services to member units of local government as well as to state and federal agencies, Missouri regional planning commissions play an important role in serving the needs of local, state and federal governments and in improving and in assuring the accountability of governmental performance.

  • We RESPECT the elected officials of local units of government and will perform our responsibilities in a way consistent with their direction.
    As a planning and regional development agency serving local government, we provide leadership in various policy areas and, more generally, we seek to improve the managerial effectiveness of local government.

  • In our relationships with other agencies, we will seek to be SENSITIVE to, and SUPPORTIVE of, the special needs of those agencies.
    We will provide the highest quality service to other agencies. We recognize our own effectiveness is directly related to the services we provide others.

  • We CARE about our employees and we RESPECT and VALUE their work.
    In our internal operations, we will place the highest regard for the worth and dignity of each individual member of our organization.

  • We will seek to improve COMMUNICATIONS and COORDINATION throughout the organization.
    We recognize in any agency as diverse as ours, communications and coordination are of special importance and will give priority to ways of improving our capabilities in these areas.

  • We recognize the importance of personal GROWTH and organizational DEVELOPMENT and will seek ways of constantly extending our capabilities.
    We recognize as individuals we must always be attentive to our growth needs and recognize improvements can always be made in the quality of service and the productivity of all organizations, including our own.

  • We value our participation in the PUBLIC SERVICE and will strive for HIGH QUALITY in all our activities.
    Though we come from many different professional backgrounds, we are brought together in the public service. We take seriously the special responsibility the concept of public service implies and we value our participation in the process of government.