Index of Services

As a condition of membership with Green Hills Regional Planning Commission, each local government contributes a per capita fee to assist in defraying costs associated with services provided. This fund is then used to match state and federal dollars to support our agency. The following list of services are provided on-demand at no additional costs to members of GHRPC.

Technical Assistance Programs
  • Community Development Block Grant applications and administration
  • Research projects
  • Data gathering on local problems
  • Representation at local community meetings by request
  • Consultation on specific municipal issues
  • Short-term technical assistance to local officials
  • Identifying prospective funding sources for a specific project
  • Neighborhood Assistance Program
  • Subdivision regulations / zoning ordinances
  • Private foundation research and grant writing
  • Transportation Planning
  • Geographic Information Systems and Mapping
  • Economic Development Assistance
  • MoDNR Grant Applications
  • Conducting workshops or seminars on issues of interest to local citizens by request

Workforce Investment Act Services to Citizens

  • Job search assistance
  • Resume assistance
  • On-the-job training
  • Job Development
  • Worker re-entry
  • Missouri Customized Training
  • Application and interviewing assistance
  • Classroom occupational training
  • Supportive Services
  • Business Services

Coordination Programs

  • Provide a forum for interchange of information between local governments
  • Coordination of intergovernmental activities including programs crossing local governmental boundaries such as transportation planning, solid waste programs, water resources, and other governmental issues
  • Dissemination of information concerning available funding programs and technical assistance
  • Representation at statewide meetings
  • Preparation and coordination of employment programs

Contractual Services

The following services are available by the Green Hills Regional Planning Commission's staff by entering into contractual relationships with local governments, local development groups, Chambers of Commerce, not-for-profit corporations, and others. The fees charged for these services will be a case-by-case basis using salary cost and a fixed negotiated on overhead rate to determine total feels. A sampling of such services could include the following:

  • Surveys on housing, population, labor availability, or any needed statistics required for applications
  • Waste and resource recovery
  • Writing preliminary funding applications
  • Final grant application preparation
  • Preparation of community comprehensive plans and updates of present plans
  • Management services for implementation of federal and state funding, such as CDBG or any other type of grant
  • Administration of present and future grants
  • Preparation of foundation applications
  • Cartography - custom mapping for any project
  • City Ordinance Codification

Additional services beyond those listed are available upon arrangement.

Information Services
Information can be provided upon request for:

  • U.S. Census data
  • Economic Development
  • Business and Industry Loans
  • Labor Market
  • Homeland Security Information
  • MoDOT Information