Business Needs and Challenges Survey for Missouri Agribusiness

We highly value your insights and expertise in the agricultural industry.

MOSourceLink, Green Hills Regional Planning Commission, and other community partners are collaborating to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges that Missouri's agribusinesses encounter.

Your participation will be vital in shaping our efforts to provide improved support and address the unique needs of agribusinesses in Missouri.

Screener Question

1. I am a business owner/operator in the agriculture, food or forestry industry in the state of Missouri and am willing to complete this voluntary survey on business and workforce needs for my business. *
If you answered "No" to the question above please STOP - do not continue this survey. This survey is intended for completion only by Missouri agriculture, food and forestry industry businesses.
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If you have questions about this survey or need other assistance for your business call MOSourceLink at 866-870-6500

Personal Information

2. Please enter your name. *
6. What is your race?
7. What is your ethnicity?

Individual Business Characteristics

9. Which industry segment best represents your business?
10. Which of the following best describes the current stage of your business journey?
12. Select from the list below the statements that apply to you and your business (select all that apply).
13. What is the geographic scope of your business's market? (Please select the option that best describes your market presence)

Access to Business Support Resources

14. In what areas of your business have previously sought assistance, training, or consultation?
16. What barriers have or continue to prevent you from accessing assistance, training, consultation for your business?
17. Which areas of assistance, training, consultation would be most helpful for your business, now?
19. Would you like someone to contact you about your business needs to connect you with free and low cost business support?


21. How does your business plan to add employees?
23. Which of the following are barriers to expanding employment for your business?
24. Which of the following are critical positions for your business?
26. What critical positions are the most difficult to fill?
27. What specific skills are most difficult to find?

Sourcing and Procurement

28. Which customer base does your business primarily serve?
29. How does your business engage in the supply chain with other businesses? Please select the option that best describes your business's involvement:
30. What methods does your business use to become a supplier/vendor to other businesses?
31. What methods do you use to source/procure goods and services needed for your businesses? (select all that apply)
34. Which of the following are barriers to sourcing/procuring the necessary items indicated above? (select all that apply)

Plans for Growth

35. How do you want to grow your business? Please select the option(s) that you believe would have the most significant impact in achieving your goals if implemented in the next 12 months.
36. Have you considered selling or ceasing business operations the business in the next 5 years?
37. Which of the following best describes your plan for eventually leaving/exiting the business?
Thank you for completing this survey! Your input is greatly appreciated