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Solid Waste District

In 1992, the North Missouri Solid Waste Management District was formed. The Solid Waste Management District was created after the Missouri General Assembly passed Revised Statutes of Missouri Chapter 260, a comprehensive revision of the Missouri Solid Waste Management Law. The purpose of the North Missouri Solid Waste Management District is to work with local communities and counties, as well as with the private sector, in developing and implementing methods to reduce the amount of wastes being deposited in landfills. This goal is accomplished through recycling, solid waste source reduction, public education, and through working with other partners to sponsor projects which remove wastes from the waste stream. The Solid Waste Management District meets quarterly throughout the year, and usually does so in conjunction with Green Hills Regional Planning Commission Board of Directors meetings.

For questions or more information please contact Ann Hamilton at (660) 359 – 5636 ext. 20.