Green Hills Rural Development Inc.

In 1981, the Green Hills RPC Membership formed a non-profit corporation which was given the name “Green Hills Rural Development, Inc.“. This organization became an implementation arm of the Regional Planning Commission.  Green Hills Rural Development, Inc.  operates revolving loan funds seeded by USDA and the Department of Economic Development. The purpose of these funds are to promote economic development in north central Missouri in conjunction with financial institutions, the private business community, and local economic development offices. Economic development is seen as a partnership in north Missouri, and the best results have been achieved through close cooperation and coordination of projects.

GHRDI offers its non-profit status to organizations and initiatives through the region that require a 501(c)3 conduit for IRS deduction purposes. This non-profit service saves the organization the costs involved in obtaining their own 501(c)3 and assists in record keeping and fund management. GHRDI is governed by an eleven member Board of Directors comprised of persons from the business and local government sectors.

If you would like more information or details about Green Hills Rural Development, Inc. and our services, please contact Corinne Watts at (660) 359 -5636 ext. 11.