North Missouri Solid Waste Management District
Waste Removal Event



Tires must have no rims, and be clean and free of debris.

Fees for tires are

  • Standard Passenger tires (or smaller)                 $ 2.00 each
  • Oversized tires (36” +)                                            $ 6.00 each
  • Tractor Tires                                                            $20.00 each


Appliances that will be collected include washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, ovens, microwaves, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners and hot water heaters. A fee of $5.00 each will be charged.

Refrigerants will be removed by certified technicians prior to disposal. The District will collect scrap metal free of charge.


Electronics – Computer systems including mouse, keyboard, etc.; copy machines; printers; fax machines will be collected for a fee of $5.00. Televisions under 27 inches will be collected for a $10.00 fee and television over 27 inches and console television will be collected for a fee of $20.00.

Miscellaneous electronics including stereos, phones, etc. will be collected free of charge. All electronic waste will be de-manufactured and recycled.  All hard drives will be destroyed.


Household Hazardous Waste must be in the original container and not leaking. Free will donations will be accepted.

Paint, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, aerosols, herbicides, pesticides, and misc. (Household chemicals only) will be collected.

Residential ONLY! NO waste from commercial generators, NO Businesses, NO toxic or medical waste, NO joint compounds or empty paint cans.  DO NOT bring mixed waste!


Household batteries, rechargeable batteries, Cell Phones, Intact Car Batteries and Ink Cartridges (no broken or cracked cases) will be accepted at no charge.

Recycling Efforts

Almost all recycling efforts in the region are handled by non-profits ie: Sheltered Workshops, which are supported by the Solid Waste District. 

The District is working with partners to get a glass recycling project started in Chillicothe. The glass will be collected and transported by Ripple Glass in Kansasa City for procelling. The recyled product will be used to make insulation and recycled bottles. 

Recycling at the State Fair

Partnership with the Missouri State Fair, Missouri State Recycling Program, Missouri Recycling Association to promote recycling at the Missouri State Fair. Approxmately 300 recycling containers are placed throughout the fairgrounds for patrons of the State of Missouri to utilize during their day at the Missouir State Fair. In 2022, there were 6.89 tons of cardboard, plastic, and aluminum recycled during the fair. 

Recycling at the State Fair Campground

Partnering with the Missouri State Fair, Ann started a pilot program offering recycling in the campground in 2022. The State Fair had avoided recycling in the campground area because they did not have staff to monitor the bins. Ann volunteered, since you are not allowed to take certain drinks in to the fairgrounds and there were a lot of recyclables just going into the trash. The first year was very successful and Ann hopes to add more bins in 2023. The gives Region B the opportunity to talk to patrounds of the state on the benefits of recycling. 

Missouri Product Stewardship Council  – Region B has been very active in the Missouri Product Stewardship Council since its formation in 2018. 

Pharmaceutical Disposal Information   – Ann has been working on the pharmaceuticals workgroup and has a map of all the locations in Missouri that accepted unwanted prescriptions. The workgroup is interested in learning about the importance of proper medication disposal and participating in a discussion to develop the next steps for pharmaceuticals stewardship in Missouri.

In Missouri households, medications make up the top 3 poison substances in children aged 5 years and yournger with a record of 77,908 medication poisonings between 2015-2020 (Missouri Poison Center, 2020). 

More information:


Harrison County Collections – October 2022

Harrison County had a banned and special item collection on October 29th, 2022 to collect tires, electronics, scrap metal, appliances, rechargeable batteries, lead acid batteries, household batteries, and household hazardous waste. 

Linn County Collection

Partnership with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for a free Pesticide Collection that was held in Brookfield on April 15th, 2023. There were 12,393 pounds of herbicides and pesticides collected from 16 participants, where many banned pesticides and unlabeled containers of pesticide were received. 

The Mission of the Missouri Pesticide Collection Program is to help protect human health and the environment by collectiong and ensuring safe disposal of waste pesticides from Missouri farmers and households while educating citizens of Missouri on how to properly  manage and reduce pesticide waste. The Department of Natural Resouces offers this free opportunity to properly dispose of pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides, insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers containng herbicides or pesticides. 

Ann will continue to work with the department to have these collections in our District.